How to include loved ones we’ve lost on our special day!x

Being a cake designer, I come across all kinds of brides and grooms with such amazing stories of how they met, their story, the proposal and of course their plans for their big day. The reason I chose this topic to talk about is because I always come across a very similar topic among our conversations during our consultation and one of the things they all have in common is the question – “Do you have any ideas on how we can include those that can’t be with us on our special day?”. Nearly all of us have lost someone we love and special to us and of course we want to include them on our special day, afterall a wedding is one of the most important events in our lives and of course we would want to remember them on our wedding day.

So to answer this question, there are many different ways to include those who have passed. The most popular way at the moment is to have a framed photo of them:

  • on the top table among the bridal party
  • on a separate table with memorial candles
  • on the table beside the cake
  • or on canvases around the room.

For one bride though, Rose, she had something in mind that was very different and unique to anything we have seen at JensCoutureCakes. Rose, and her now husband, came to me with an idea they found on Google (who doesn’t love google?!?) and asked for a consultation for me to create their wedding cake. This one in particular had such a heart wrenching reason behind the design, that during the consultation, the bride brought me to tears. She chose this design with her fiancé to remember all of those special people that belonged to both of them that couldn’t be with them to celebrate their special day. For the design, I had to hand cut the silhouette of the bride and groom and make the balloons to place on the cake. For the names, I had my very good supplier Miriam of Sweet Creations print them using her edible printer on edible icing sheets so I could transfer them onto the balloon. If you are ever looking for edible prints, Miriam is your go to person. She will always get the prints done in the quickest of time and post them out to you, but more importantly, as cake decorators we sometimes get last minute requests and she is always happy to oblige. The edible sheets were the best method for this design, as hand writing them onto the balloons using an edible marker just didn’t make the names visible enough.

rose's balloon wedding cake

As you can see from the design, the bride and groom are releasing the balloons and they’re floating up the tiers of the wedding cake. Thus giving the illusion the balloons are floating upwards.To top the cake off, we decided a teddy’s silhouette was a beautiful choice as the groom had a very special little person he wanted included on the cake- his sister. She had passed away as a young child and the teddy added that bit more of a special touch for her. We chose to have the teddy holding the final balloon with her name on it and the bride and groom described it as her holding the balloon floating up to heaven with the rest of those special people. What made it even more meaningful was the fact that they were going to do this very act at their wedding. They had balloons they were releasing themselves at the wedding so it was very thoughtful, and how amazing was it to have the cake incorporated in this theme!!! I was so touched and honoured to have been asked to make such a beautiful cake for them and I was so happy to receive the following feedback from Rose after the wedding …….

“Hi Jen, the cake went down a treat. The cake reduced many to tears and it tasted delicious. The day was better than we could have ever dreamed of. “


Another beautiful way to include a loved one on your special day is to have them included within your bouquet. Here a very special girl Siobhan that I know years came to me and asked me if I could make a bouquet using her mums jewellery. Straight away I jumped at the opportunity as I also knew her mum and it felt almost like a tribute to her to make it.I met with Siobhan and yet again another teary eyed consultation. Siobhan is the only girl of three children, so getting to have all of her mums jewellery for her bouquet was very special. She handed it to me and asked me to come up with some kind of design that included most, if not all, of the jewellery she had. So I played around with it and finalised on a design and called Siobhan for a follow up consultation. She cried, I cried, it was very emotional, but they were good tears, as she didn’t know what to expect and had no idea how to envisage the bouquet. She left it totally in my hands and I was thrilled to see her face when she came to see it. Needless to say on her wedding day, she was beaming and of course her bouquet meant so much to her, as she found her own personal way to include her mum on her special day.

I make these bouquets along with many other designs with my sister. We have other ways to include our loved ones in bouquets and buttonholes. We are known as All Things Couture, and you can view all of our creations here.

I hope this blog has given you some ideas to help you with ur planning and if you have any questions, leave a comment below or get in touch with us on the links above. I would love to see any ideas you used for your special day too so please feel free to comment them below too.


Jen ♥ xx




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