5 Things I Cant Cake Without

Hey Guys, I’ve been asked by lots of you, my lovely followers to write a post about the top 5 things I need as a cake decorator-  what I can’t live without and the reasons why…………………..so here it goes 🙂

  1. Progel food Colouring


This is my number one product for the following reasons :

  • I literally cannot live without these food colours. They come in an array of colours, any colour you can think of they are amazing. I use them for colouring my fondant, buttercream, flower paste, macaroons……you name-it you can use it. I cant be without this I have a drawer full of these in my kitchen. I use them all, well most of them and here’s some pictures of my cakes where I’ve used the progel to colour my fondant and buttercream. The best thing with colouring the buttercream is it doesn’t spilt and you get a nice even colour throughout. You can buy these at your local Supervalu store or on their direct website here.

2. Squires Kitchen Flower Paste


I absolutely love this stuff!! I use it mainly for flowers, but it can also be used for a number of things that need quick hard drying like brooch moulds, cupcake decorations and also mixed with fondant it can give you gum paste (50:50 ratio) for creating model figurines. These are the uses I’ve found but I’m sure there are many more that I don’t know of. It is fantastic, one of the best products out there for cake decorators. Here are some of the flowers I’ve created with it….

ellen sugar roses

I buy mine in my local Supervalu store, but it can be purchased online too. Try here to get yours from Squires Kitchen directly.

3. Select Ireland Supreme Silk Sugarpaste


This is by far the most amazing sugarpaste I have EVER used. Its super pliable, easy to roll, no elephant skin or tearing and most importantly its great for achieving those super sharp edges!!! The guys in Select Ireland are based in Co. Cork, Ireland and they know what’s up when it comes to sugarpaste. The vanilla flavour from it is so nice- not too strong, not too faint- just perfect. It is my absolute favourite to work with and I find myself having a sneaky bit of it now and then when working. Its the perfect combination and works like a dream for us cakers. If you haven’t tried it yet, get on it! You don’t know what you’re missing out on and life is only gonna get better from here on out.


As of yet, I’ve only tried the white fondant because I use so much of the progel but I am eager to try the coloured fondant now too. If the white fondant is anything to go by, then the coloured fondant will be just as perfect. You can buy Select Ireland from this company called Bakeworld which you can click on here. Here’s a picture of one of my recent cakes using the fondant for you all to see.

sequins cake photoshoot2


4. My Green Board


Ok, so if you haven’t got one of these already, whip out the purse and BUY one! These beauties are literally a MUST-HAVE for all cake decorators a definite INVESTMENT. I literally cannot believe I used to waste so much time cleaning my counter, dusting it with icing sugar, rolling out my fondant and then for it to get stuck to the counter anyway. It was such a painful process lol, scrapping it off and starting all over again. There were nights I would sit with my head in my hands asking WHY??? OH WHY?? Ha ha, literally tormented and upset with cakes due out in little or no time and not even covered, if you feel my pain please share below in the comments 🙂 I bought mine from the lovely owner of A Cake For You right here in Ireland and I would be lost without it. Click HERE for Grainne’s website to contact her.

And that brings me to the last of my top 5 which is…….

5. My Nikon Camera


Okay, so it doesn’t help me make better cakes but it does help me get better snaps. I cannot believe I used to rely solely on my smart phone to take good snaps of my cakes. Don’t get me wrong, I would be totally lost without my iPhone but….. then there’s my Nikon!!! It is amazing the difference in my photo’s, especially my wedding cakes, and let’s be honest, with the hard work we put in to create the dream cakes for our clients, including the late nights, early mornings (basically no sleep at all), the harsh criticism we apply to ourselves, and the intense concentration which can be extremely draining especially with intricate designs. So why not make sure that all of that hard work and design is completely clear and visible for your viewers to see? It is a reward in itself completing a masterpiece, so make sure to reward yourself also with portfolio worthy photos to show off your work!!! Have a look here at some to get an idea of prices, etc.

amanda wedding cake 2

So that’s my top 5 peeps. I hope you all enjoyed the read and maybe can relate to my favs. If you have any of these as your top 5 or have been swayed after reading this please feel free to comment below,

Jen ♥ XX









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